My First Month

Hello all!  Well it has been a month since I started my new career as a veterinary technician.  And what an amazing month it has been.  I have to say I work with an amazing staff, great doctors, and wonderful clients.  I am really enjoying all aspects of the field.  Some more than others, I will admit.

As I said before, it’s not just playing with puppies and kittens.  There are a lot of unexpected instances that have surprised me greatly.  Starting this career with ZERO experience means I have to work, and learn twice as hard.  There isn’t one part of this job that isn’t challenging.  I will say the most challenging part is earning the trust of your veterinarian.  To do their job well, they need to trust their technician.  I would say a relationship between veterinarian and vet tech is like a well-oiled machine.  If the machine isn’t running together correctly, so many things can go wrong.  That being said, try being a technician with NO experience earning the trust of your veterinarian.  It is a difficult task, but one I will accomplish.

I have learned a lot in one months’ time.  I can pull vaccines, take and read fecal tests, run blood tests, take temperatures, and count accurate respiratory and pulse rates. Animal restraint is a hard task to master.  If the animal isn’t restrained properly then you or your veterinarian could get bit.  In all honesty, the hardest part about this job is talking with clients.  When I load a room I have to ask specific questions, specific to the patient.  With those answers comes the questions I must ask to get more history of the issue, so I can explain in as much detail as needed to the veterinarian what is wrong with the patient.  The more detail, the better our veterinarian can know how to treat the issue.  That responsibility is mine.  That is what I mean about a veterinarians trust to their technician.  They are trusting ME to get all the information they need to treat their patient in the best way possible.  It is not as easy as it sounds.  Ever patient is different.  And customer service is everything in this business.  It can make or break an appointment.

It is extremely hard to fit into a job where everyone knows what they have to do.  Its challenging for me personally because the veterinarians would prefer to go to a technician that can get the job done without any questions.  Very understandable.  They want to get their job done as fast and as efficiently as possible.  So why look to the “new girl?”  That’s ok. I continue to make a conscious effort to work hard to EARN their trust in me so I will be that technician who is looked to for assistance.  It is my number one goal!!

Well until next time, thanks for reading!  Hope you are enjoying this journey just as much as me!


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