Diana’s Six Month Update!

It has been almost 7 months since I started at College Park Road Veterinary Clinic and I realized I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time; I have so much to say about my time here! First and foremost – WHAT A JOURNEY!

Let’s take a quick peek at where I have been (and where I am going!).

Last time I wrote, I had only been here a month. Since then I have found this job has a lot of ups and downs; there are times it can send you into an array of emotions that are so overwhelming, and this alone takes quite some time to figure out.

I was having a very hard time finding my place at the clinic.  In this job, it is hard to find one person you learn from the best.  Everyone in the clinic has something they can teach you; the trouble is that not everyone does everything the same way. The diversity is wonderful but is often confusing. I found myself getting a little stressed with different people showing me different ways of doing the same thing, especially when the task is a little scary… such as trying to help an animal that does not want to be helped!  I think that this has been one of my biggest challenges yet.  However, I will say that the one person here who has made it as easy as possible for me is Mara, our head technician.  She has taught me so much and I have learned at an amazing rate being under her guidance.  I love learning from her, and appreciate all of her knowledge that she shares with me.

I have also passed my Level 1 Technician Assistant training. I am now able to load rooms and help clients with little to no help from other technicians. My confidence is growing and I am finding that the knowledge I have gained is allowing me to ask the right questions to get the information needed to help the veterinarians. This was very difficult at first because every appointment and every patient are here for different problems, which have different needs, which require very specific questions.  Knowing what questions to ask is the hardest part of loading rooms.  This has taken a lot of practice, patience and listening; but I can finally say I feel much better about it!  Dr. Marcario has gone to great lengths to help me get to where I am today and I am so grateful for all her help and support. I can FINALLY say that I feel comfortable in the clinic.  I am starting to find my place and I feel as though I truly belong here.  The technicians and doctors are starting to trust me with more complicated tasks which make me feel like I am doing things right.

One thing is for certain, this job is definitely NOT for the faint of heart.  I have learned that I have an EXTREMELY STRONG STOMACH.  Working in health care, human or animal, comes with many different fluids… all of which come with many different smells. It has been an interesting challenge just learning how to deal with the messes we see (and clean up).

In closing, there have been many moments where I thought about quitting; I thought that I couldn’t handle it; I thought that it was too much for me or that I would never learn what I needed to learn to do a great job.  It’s easy to feel that way because no one writes a script everyday on what’s going to walk in the door. Working with peoples pets is very emotional; it is just like working with their children. When you are caught between emotions and insecurities it is hard to stay positive.  I have made mistakes that have caused my co-workers extra work; I have learned to own my mistakes and have now learned how to correct them.  Now, 7 months into this job I can say I am so glad I didn’t give up, that I stayed strong and kept going.  I love my job! Being a part of a team of people who love animals the way I do is an amazing experience. I cannot imagine missing out on watching our puppy and kitten patients grow up; or helping the sick pets get better. I am so blessed to be a part of an amazing group of people, all who have helped me grow everyday into the technician I want to be one day; and I am proud of the technician I see myself becoming.

Diana Whittaker


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